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Sun Jul 30 23:03:02 2017 <jesse>

Tue Aug 1 00:53:51 2017 <SpaceHobo> btw, jesse, thx for this bushcraft channel. Babby's mildly fascinated by these, and so am I.

Tue Aug 1 00:54:56 2017 <SpaceHobo> only recently did I realise they were all captioned! It's especially great since the edit is wordless and uses sound beds as rhythm or scene transition effect. This guy does a great job with his shots.

Tue Aug 1 13:21:06 2017 <jesse> no problem. I love the videos, but can't help imagining that having a beer with the guy would be more boring than CSPAN.

Tue Aug 1 14:06:46 2017 <SpaceHobo> yeah, I suspect he's a tiresome survivalist type who mythologises the aborigines but treats them like dirt when he encounters any

Tue Aug 1 14:36:08 2017 <Zen> I get the impression that he spends a lot of time researching this stuff from a place of genuine interest, but I agree that he seems to be a little too into living without other people to be very much fun.

Tue Aug 1 19:41:13 2017 <Tupperwarez> let's be honest here, we're all just counting down until he skins and butchers a bogan on camera

Tue Aug 1 19:44:03 2017 <Tupperwarez> the bogan trap is just the prawn trap with a magnum of lager as the bait

Tue Aug 1 19:47:37 2017 <Tupperwarez> bogan refusing to let go of the bottle, calling the trap a 'right fucking cunt' until his head is caved in with a stone axe

Wed Aug 2 01:06:05 2017 <SpaceHobo> Yeah I do get a sense he's genuinely interested in this, but I've been burned by interesting white-guy-primitivism sources in the past.